Dennis Humphries

Dennis Humphries

Started working at Echo Calls: 09/2013
Employment Position: Custom Call Preparation
Started competition calling: 05/2016
Started Duck Hunting: 17+ years ago.

Dennis has been hunting since he was 10. He loves all types of hunting, but duck hunting has been his obsession since the first time he went. Dennis learned a lot about duck hunting from his father, Bobby Humphries. He always had high hopes of working in the outdoor industry with his love for the outdoors!

After starting work at Echo Calls in the custom call room, he started out sanding and polishing acrylic calls. Throughout his career, he has been doing most of the custom call preparation on all of Echo’s calls from wood to acrylic. (He also hold the record for most diamond woods cracked) we won’t say how many.

Dennis has been Main Street competition calling since 2016 with the goal in mind to qualify for the World Duck calling contest until then he has several 2nd place finishes in Arkansas state and last chance regional.

Dennis’s Lanyard consists of:
1. Bourbon Acrylic Timber Duck Call
Listen to him blow it here:

2. Clear/Red Acrylic ODB Duck Call (Clear Barrel/Red Insert)
Listen to him blow it here:

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