Eddie Bowren Sr

Eddie Sr

Started working at Echo Calls: 09/2012
Employment Position: CNC Specialist
Started competition calling: 11/1970
Started Duck Hunting: 60+ years ago.

Eddie spent 32 years working as a fire fighter in Little Rock, Fire Department. He has been part of the Echo’s Elite Pro staff since 1997. Eddie has won, Jackson County Regional, ADHA Championship, West Arkansas Regional, Runner up in Arkansas State Twice, and Fourth in the World Championship Duck Calling Contest. He has 2 children; 1 son, Edward L Bowren(Beebe), and a daughter Allison Renae Bowren-May(Keller, TX).

Eddie’s lanyard consists of:

1. Acrylic Timber Duck Call

2. Bois D’Arc Wooden Timber Duck Call



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