A: Check out our call chooser to help you select what call is best for you.

A: Click Here for a video we created to help you with this.

When tuning a single reed you only need to worry about 1 reed to replace or reuse after replacing the cork.  The only thing you need to worry about is which side does the Mylar reed lay on? If you look at the picture below you can see that it looks bent over. If you hold your reed straight up and down in your fingers you can bend it to find the natural bend. Turn it around and try again to make 100% sure your Mylar reed is bending on the same side even when flipped. If you were to imagine the reed as person bend over, the side their butt is on would be the side that needs to face down on the tone board. Make sure you have the reed all the way back as well before inserting your cork or wedge.

Mylar Duck Call Reed Natural Bend

A: Sometimes it's just as simple as taking your insert out and giving your reed a couple flicks. Not to big of a bend on the reed or reeds but enough to make them slap down. This fixes the problem in most cases but not always. You can also order replacement reeds on our website if you get tired of cleaning them. They are pennies each so if you ordered a couple wedges and 20 reeds. You'd be set for a while. Wedges nearly never need replacing but you'd have some for backup if it every needed it. Click here for Call Parts. Regular reeds are mainly used for single reed calls so your better off staying away from them unless you're wanting to replace your original single reed with a new one. Also we have reed kits for double and single reed calls. Single Reeds use cork wedges and double reeds have 2 reeds and use rubber wedges.

A: Send it to us at:
ATTN: Johnny Duck Call
Echo Calls
123 Vernon Harvey Road
Beebe, AR 72012
We do not charge for re-tuning but we do ask you to include 8 dollars for return shipping. Cash, Money Order, or Check is fine.
The only other options are to send it to us in a pre-paid returnable box or including a phone number where we can call you for a CC# to cover shipping.

A: You need to take the cork and reed back out and check it to make sure you put it in right with the bend going down towards the soundboard of the call. You can check this by placing the bottom part of the reed standing straight up on the table and using your index finger to push down on it to make sure your bend is going the correct way. Also make sure when you put the reed back in your call it is pushed to the very back of the cork slot before putting your cork back in to hold it.

A: A single reed call has like it says 1 reed in the insert. A single reed allows for more versatility while blowing the call. It allows the user to do a range of different sounds like a Cajun squeal, bouncing hen, among many other fancy ways to blow your call or just show off. The single reed requires more practice to master the call and sound like a duck where as the double reed is much simpler for the user to sound like a duck just starting off blowing the call for the first time. The double reed is best for beginners but many seasoned hunting professionals still use and swear by their double reed calls. The double reed can product different effects like the single reed but will require lots practice to master.

A: You can always ship it to us to tune it up for no charge. We only ask you pay shipping which is 9 dollars. We will have it back tuned up and sounding great again for you in a day or 2.
Our shipping address is:
ATTN: Johnny Duck Call
Echo Calls
123 Vernon Harvey Road
Beebe, AR 72012

Please add a note in the box explaining what you want done to your call. If you bought the call and it had too much or too little pressure, we can fix that for you as well to make it harder or easier for you to blow.

A: Everything you should need for your duck call is on our website. You can click the duck/goose call item at the top of our page located on the menu or use the search bar and should be able to locate anything you could possibly need for your call (if it's in stock). You can also call us at 501-882-2026 for any questions if the above result doesn't give you the answer you're looking for.

A: So to be on Field Staff you'll need to send some information via email.
1. Location?
2. Age?
3. Why do you want to be on Echo Staffing?
4. 30 second video/or sound file of you blowing your call. State your name before calling blow some quacks, feed call, and come back calls.
Just so you know we have quotas that may be at maximum for your state which would deny staffing until somebody drops that spot or leaves Team Echo for another company. (Also the boss "Rick" can make exceptions to this quota) Pro Staff is only acquired by qualifying for the world championship duck calling contest.
Elite Pro Staff is only acquired if you place in top 10 of the world championship duck calling contest.
Staffing positions and discounts: (Discounts do not apply to call parts on our website)
Field Staff - 25% discount
Pro Staff - 35% discount
Elite Pro Staff - 50% discount

Well you can send out an email to info@echocalls.com in the Subject line put Attention: Matt Dunn and in the body put your age, why you want to join, where you live, and a 30 second sound file or video stating your name and showing us your quack, feed call, and come back call. Even if you don't make the cut for field staff, maybe we can put you on the path to pro staff or elite pro staff.

A: If you ordered after 9 AM central time on Friday your product won't be processed until Monday morning. Depending on the quantity of orders and order priority your product may not be shipped out until Tuesday. Most situations your product will be shipped out on Monday though.

A: We can't condone you working on your own call. We recommend you send it to Echo to fix this issue. If you modify or damage your call it will void your warranty in doing so. We don't charge for retuning your call or fixing stuck inserts. It's free for life as long as it's an Echo. If it turns out we can't retune or fix the problem we will send you a new barrel or insert.  Your options, if you choose to continue to fix your work on your own call are:
1. Get a hair dryer and dry it out. Your saliva and sugar in your saliva are what's causing it to stick. The saliva is wet causing the wood to expand and the sugar is sticky in your siliva causing it to stick harder. 2. What we normally do which is bend the barrel and insert back and forth between both your hands while at the same time trying to twist. Most of the time if you use enough twist force it will break apart. They are pretty sturdy so we've yet to break one trying this method. However I've never broke one in half using this method.
3. The last method(Strongly Discouraged) you could use is buying a 5/8" dowel and just pushing it through the barrel mouth piece in and tap it softly in the opposite direction until the insert breaks loose and comes out. If that doesn't work again we suggest sending it to us.

So just a reiteration, we are not suggesting you use these methods and this is not us giving you permission do these methods and damage your call. Remember it's on you if you damage your call using these methods. We also wanted to add if you do send it to us and we notice the barrel needs to be reamed again we will do it to fix future issues. Sometimes woods have a second or third grain rise after they have been cut out and sanded. It's just something that happens every once in a while certain woods after they get wet and dry.(When your calling (saliva/wet) and when you stop for the day(air drying). After a second sanding on an insert this is fixed and/or reaming the barrel a second time this should be fixed.

If you choose to send your call to us we do ask you to include 8 dollars for return shipping. It can be a check, money order, or cash. The only other options are to send it to us in a pre-paid returnable box or include a phone number where we can reach you for a credit card number. You can send it to us at:
ATTN: Johnny Duck Call
Echo Calls
123 Vernon Harvey Road
Beebe, AR 72012

Additional note: If you're using a wood call the best practices for most hunters is to take your call apart when you're done hunting  to allow the barrel and insert to air dry and reduce the swelling caused by your saliva contacting the toneboard. Once your ready to go hunting again the next morning your barrel and insert should have air dried and be ready for use without getting stuck

A: The open water(featured right) insert is slightly longer and has a more rounded tip.

Timber Open Water Comparison

A: There are many different videos online for you to watch. Some on our youtube page which you can find by Clicking Here. And others can be found online by doing a simple google search. Another option would be to Purchase one of our Duck Calling 101 CD's that teaches you the basics and can get you calling ducks like a seasoned hunter in no time! If you'd like to Purchase our Duck Calling 101 CD Please Click Here.