Matt Dunn

Started working at Echo Calls: 02/2010
Employment Position: CMO/Supervisor
Started Hunting: 30 years ago.

Matthew Dunn is Rick’s son and has worked for Rick off and on throughout his younger life. Eventually, after joining the military to serve his country, honorably separating, and landing the computer job he always wanted, Matt realized that working in a cubical the rest of his life wasn’t what he was looking for in a job. In 2010, Matt decided to work for his dad full time and become a call maker. Matt’s primary role at Echo is content creation for social media, marketing, website design, game call engravings, CNC code modification, and basically whatever needs done Matt can do it.

Matt is married to Amber Williams Dunn, Has two kids of his own (Issac 12 and Adyson 10), and two adopted kids shared with Amber. (Zack 21 and Callie 17) When free time allows Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, and doing things outdoors. Volunteers as security detail at New Life Church and one of his favorite sayings is: “Every day is a blessing!”

Matt lanyard consists of:
1. Timber Wooden Cocobolo Duck Call

Listen to it here:

2. Acrylic ODB Duck Call

Listen to it here:


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