Duck Calls

Our double reed duck calls work best for beginners but are still used and adored by seasoned hunting professionals. The Polycarbonate duck calls we have are double reeds and single reeds. Polycarbonate calls are made of bulletproof plastic that is very affordable for the consumer. The double reed calls we offer are are the: Meat Hanger and the DRT(Double Reed Timber). Everything else is the single reed.

If you’re looking for a single reed that is easier to use as a double reed, we suggest the Breaker or the ODB(Ole Ducky Breaker). The ODB is basically the same cut as the Breaker; it is just sanded less, so there is more hold and backpressure. The same goes for our Pure Meat call. It’s the same cut as the XLT(Xtra Loud Timber), but the Pure Meat is sanded less and has more hold and backpressure than the XLT.

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