Duck Call Bands, Mandrels, Pins, & Blank Boxes


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Duck Call Bands, Mandrels, Pins, and More

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Duck Call Bands will make a lovely addition to any duck call barrel.

The Brass Bands are 1/2″ wide, 1 1/4″ O. D., 1.182 I.D. & .035 wall thickness.
The Aluminum Bands are 1/2″ wide, 1 1/4″ O.D., 1.178 I.D. & .035 wall thickness.
All of our Duck Call Bands are Unpolished.

Brass Pins are used for pinning your band on your call. (Not recommended with acrylic or micarta) Measurement: 0.050 thousandths of an inch.

Drill bits are used for drilling holes in your duck call bands to tap your pins in and hold them for the life of the call. Measurement: 0.046 thousandths of an inch.

Lathe Mandrel is 5/8″ tapered. One foot long made of tooling steel. Will fit in 1/2″ chuck and has a hole in the tip for live-centering. Using a 5/8″ drill bit on your barrels will allow it to slip on to the mandrel nice and snug and allow for smooth, clean barrel turning.

All inserts come with Rubber O-rings.

Rubber O-rings fit on our goose inserts and work best when silicone grease is applied to them.

Blank call boxes – 5 1/2″ longĀ  2″ tall x 2″ wide

Canada Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.420 x .615 x .014

Specko Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.266 x .615 x .014

Canada and Specklebelly guts work best in a .619 hole.

Goose guts come with goose reed included.

If you’re looking for inserts to put into your hand-turned barrels we have a very nice selection for you to choose from:
Timber Duck Call Inserts
Open Water Duck Call Inserts
Canada Inserts and Speckle belly Inserts


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