Game Call Lanyard, Gun Hanger, and Duck Straps


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Game Call Lanyard, Gun Hanger, and Waterfowl Straps

The Echo Deluxe Game Call Lanyard is a handmade using heavy-duty 550 parachute cord. It also holds four calls(2 calls suggested) and a dog whistle. The Echo Deluxe Lanyard has a decorative Miniature Call and is not only fantastic looking but is also extremely durable as well. These lanyards have been field-tested and, for years, proven themselves durable beyond expectation. We always recommend strapping your insert and barrel separately to your lanyard, just in case they fall apart while hunting, and you don’t lose any part of your call while hunting. There are four straps, but they are for two calls specifically. Each piece of our duck calls has a lanyard grove for your lanyard.

The Echo Deluxe Waterfowl Strap is handmade of heavy-duty 550 parachute cord with black metal rings. This product will be the last duck/goose call strap you should ever need to buy. It is flexible enough to fit in your coat pocket and will hold more ducks or geese than the law will allow. No need to spend an absurd amount of money on expensive Duck Straps when we have you covered!

Echo Deluxe Key Chain/Gun Hanger will let everybody know you’re a serious hunter by sporting the Echo Key Chain on your keys or hanging your gun from a tree using it as a Gun Hanger.

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Game Call Lanyard, Waterfowl Strap, Gun Hanger/Key Chain


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