PolyCarbonate Specklebelly Goose Call Inserts

Goose Call Inserts


Listen to the Echo PolyCarbonate Canada Goose Call Insert Here:

Listen to the Echo PolyCarbonate SpeckleBelly Goose Call Insert Here:

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Goose Call Inserts

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Echo Goose Call Inserts

We offer Canada, and SpeckleBelly Goose inserts for replacing an old or lost insert in your Echo Call or building your own Goose Call.

These inserts will fit a 7/8″ drill hole. The gut systems they use fit a 5/8″ drill hole.

All inserts come with Rubber O-rings.

Buying 50 inserts or more will lower the price of each insert .50 cents. Buying 100 inserts or more will reduce the amount of each insert by $1.00. So the more you spend, the more you save.

Instructions: It’s best to drill a 5/8″ hole all the way through your goose barrel blank(3″ – 3-1/2″), so it can fit on your mandrel and serve as a pilot for your 7/8″ drill bit. We sell 5/8″ tapered mandrels if you need one. At this point, you can drill a 7/8″ hole for the goose insert to fit into, or you can turn your barrel shape first. Note: You do not want to drill a 7/8″ all the way through your blank. It’s best to drill slowly and try out the insert. If it’s too short, drill some more until it fits. 1″ hole depth should work.

Canada Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.420 x .615 x .014

Specko Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.266 x .615 x .014

Canada and Specklebelly guts work best in a .619 hole.

Goose guts come with goose reed included.

Rubber O-rings fit on our inserts and work best when silicone grease is applied to them.

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