Reeds, Reed-Kits, Corks, & Goose Guts


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Reeds, Reed-Kits, Corks, & Goose Guts

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Echo Calls page where customers can buy Mylar Duck/Goose Call Reeds, Corks, & Goose Guts. Echo Calls uses the best quality Mylar reed material on the market. Goose Call Reeds and Insert Gut systems for both Canada and Speckle Belly Goose. Duck Call Reeds and Wedges fit our PolyCarbonate Calls. Goose Reeds and Guts fit our Goose Inserts. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your calls and tone you want. All measurements for reed cuts/types are on the photos of the reeds. We used calipers to measure them for a more accurate measurement.

Duck Products:

Duck Reeds are ten thousandths thick.

Regular Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.658 x .517 x .010

Dimpled Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.348 x .490 x .010

Timber Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.462 x .520 x .010

Thin rubber wedges are used for double reed inserts.

Thick rubber wedges and Corks are used for single reed inserts.

If you want to retune your own call, give our reed kits a try. They work with most duck calls, and we have single and double reed packs available for the retuning the call that fits you. We include regular reeds in our single reed kits. They are an excellent option for people who want to cut their own reeds to suit their air pressure uniquely.

The Echo Duck Call Reed Kits are available in a 6 PK and 12 PK.

The Single reed six-pack includes six reeds and two corks.
The Single reed 12 pack includes 12 regular reeds and four corks. These reeds will fit most single reed duck calls.

Regular Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.658 x .0517 x .010
Cork Measurement L x W x H:   .0600-1.000  x .0340 x .0185

The Double reed six-pack includes three timber reeds, three dimpled reeds, and two thin wedges.
The Double reed twelve-pack includes six timber reeds, six dimpled reeds, and four thin wedges. These reeds will fit most double reed duck calls.

Goose Products:

Goose Reeds are 14 thousandths thick.

Canada Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.420 x .615 x .014

SpeckleBelly Reed Measurement L x W x H: 1.266 x .615 x .014

Canada and Specklebelly guts work best in a .619 hole.

Goose guts come with reed included.

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