Rick Dunn

Rick Dunn - Echo Calls

Rick is the CEO of Echo Calls. He created it as a hobby in 1975.
Started competition calling: 11/1983
Started Duck Hunting: 50+ years ago.

Ricks’ family is old Arkansas, born and raised. Rick’s Grand-Dad was the first Mayor of Jacksonville, AR, and that’s where Rick was born and raised as well. Rick is married to Audrey Dunn; he has two daughters and a son. Valerie, Laura, and Matt. Rick started duck hunting at the age of twelve with his brother Danny. Rick and his brother had some great hunts. It wasn’t until years later that Rick decided to try and make his own call, back in 1975. Rick’s first attempts at duck call crafting were poor, to say the least, but he didn’t give up. Rick knew he could make a call that would suit him. The funny thing about Rick’s calls was that every time he hung one of his hand-made calls around his neck, someone wanted to buy it.

That’s when Rick figured that he should give the call a name and maybe sell a few. “Echo” was the first name he thought of, and he stuck with it. After that, Echo Calls was born. In 1983 Rick decided to try competition calling. The first contest Rick won was a Regional Contest, and he knew then, he was hooked. Rick had to try and win a contest every year, and then try for the big one. Nine out of eleven times, Rick finished in the Top Ten at the Stuttgart World Championship until he finally won in 1997.

“Dreams Do Come True.”
Just ask Rick…

Rick’s lanyard consists of:

1. Cocobolo Timber Call

Listen to him blow it here:

2. Hedge Timber Call

Listen to him blow it here:


Listen to: Rick – “Just showing off.”

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