Shane Tietz

Shane Tietz

Started Working at Echo 12/2010
Employment Position: Head Engraving Engineer
Started Duck Hunting: 15 years ago.

Shane came to Echo eventually, after joining the Navy to serve his country. In 2010, Shane decided to work for Echo full time and become a call maker. Shane’s primary role at Echo is Logo/Content Creation, Visual Design,  and Game Call Engravings.

Shane is married to Danielle Tietz, Has three kids (Ethan 14, Keaton 10, and Ava 8.) When free time allows, Shane enjoys hunting, fishing, and doing things outdoors. Blacksmithing and Gun Envgraving are side hobbies Shane really enjoys.

Shane’s lanyard consists of:

1. Breaker Acrylic Duck Call

2. Hedge Timber Call


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