Duck Calls Made By Hunters For Hunters

Duck Calls by Echo Calls are American Made Game Calls for hunters who want to do some serious duck hunting and get their desired results. Rick Dunn established Echo in 1975. Rick started hunting at the age of twelve with his older brother, Danny. Danny and Rick certainly had some great hunts. It wasn’t until years later that Rick decided to try to make his own duck call. Mr. Dunn’s first attempts were poor, to say the least. However, he didn’t give up. Of course, Rick knew he could undoubtedly make a call that would suit him. Gradually, Rick hand-turned more and more duck calls as a hobby. The funny thing about Rick’s call was as soon as someone heard it, they thought it sounded great wanted to buy it. At that moment, Rick figured that he should give his calls a name and before long, maybe sell a few as a hobby. “Echo” was the first name he thought of and then stuck with it. After that, Echo Calls was born. Over time Echo, unquestionably had become one of the most popular duck call companies around. Eventually, reaching to hunters all around the world. After many years of coming in second place, Rick finally won 1st place in 1997 at the World Championship Duck Calling Contest, located in Stuttgart, Arkansas. You will rarely hear of a Serious Duck Hunter that hasn’t used or at least heard of Echo Duck Calls.

Our Mission

We strive to make our calls the best there is on the market, that’s exactly what they are… and that’s precisely what we have done… As soon as you stop striving for perfection, you’re only settling for second best. Our motto is, “If we won’t use it in the field, it won’t leave our shop.” We’ve helped thousands of Duck Hunters get limits and put food on their tables for years. Give Echo Duck Calls a try if you’re serious about duck hunting because we know you’ll love us, and we can get the job done. We’ll work with you over the phone or in-person, and re-tuning your Echo calls is free for life. Let Echo help you get the maximum results while hunting and fill your freezer!